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The city’s organic waste processing facility will remain closed

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March 22 2012

City of Guelph Laird to MOE Glassco Letter
April 25 2012 

Announcement - November 25, 2011

The Guelph Organics Composting Facility has been in operation since September of this year and to date there have been many odour complaints that may be connected with the facility discharging odours through the exhaust stack or possible system shortcomings. Guelph Waste Management Coalition Inc (GWMC) would like to advise you that you are entitled to odour-free air and that any odour that you notice, no mater how small or infrequent should be reported to the Ministry of Environment (MOE). The MOE has a daytime phone number: 519-
826-4255 as well as an after hours number: 1-800-268-6060. Please help our community remain odour free by calling the MOE if you, your family or coworkers smell anything outside of clean fresh air.

For further information on odours, new developments surrounding the organics facility or to notify us of an odour that you reported, please call or email: Ken Spira - President of GWMC @ 519-654-7895

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Financial WHYs of the Compost Plant

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The Guelph Waste Management Coalition, in addition to its opposition to the site location of the plant, lack of an Environmental Assessment study, health and odour concerns, has strong reservations as to the negative financial impact on the taxpayers of Guelph.


Latest Reports about the Guelph Waste Innovation Centre (Wet-Dry facility) obtained through the Freedom of Information Process.

MOE Air Facility Report “Guelph has failed to implement the majority of the experts’ recommendations.”

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