Guelph Waste Management Coalition Inc

Guelph Mercury - Sat Oct 13 2012

Plans to process U.S. waste a hypocritical move

Re: City looks at processing U.S. waste — Oct. 4

I understood that one of the biggest reasons for building a compost facility in Guelph after closing down the Eastview landfill site was so that we would do the “environmentally responsible thing” and take all of our trucks off of the road that were carrying compost to the U.S., and deal with our own waste problem in our own community.

Does this application to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to take waste from the U.S. not run counter to those “visionary and founding reasons” for the need to build our own facility?

If protecting the environment and reducing carbon dioxide emissions is supposed to be one of the cornerstones of the thought process that went into building this facility in Guelph, how does enabling other communities in other countries to truck their waste to Guelph help us meet our environmental objectives?

If the city has no issue with trucking waste in, why did they have a problem with trucking waste out? Why spend hundreds of millions of dollars building, and then rebuilding, staffing and operating our own compost facility when we could have just trucked our waste someplace else for a fraction of the cost to taxpayers?

It’s the biggest and most blatantly hypocritical move I’ve seen yet from this theatre of the absurd that is the Guelph Waste Resource Innovation Centre.

The Guelph Waste Resource Innovation Centre: “Where we turn millions of your tax dollars into compost.”

Stephen Robson