Guelph Waste Management Coalition Inc

About Guelph Waste Management Coalition Inc.

The Guelph Waste Management Coalition is an incorporated Non-Profit organization that originated in March of 2007. All points of view regarding waste management are invited and discussed within the Coalition. The structure of the Board encourages the presentation of diverse opinions and perspectives to increase knowledge and understanding. Officers and directors include representatives from business and industry, government agencies and citizens groups.

The Guelph Waste Management Coalition plans to develop policy recommendations, cosponsor local conferences, present awards for outstanding achievement in waste management and publish a newsletter for Coalition members.

The purpose of the conferences would be to bring together citizens, government, business and industry to discuss the rapidly changing field of waste management.

GWMC Inc. hopes to become the coordinating body for these annual conferences.

Purposes of the Guelph Waste Management Coalition:

To promote safe, effective and economically sound waste management practices in the city of Guelph.

To offer all organizations and individuals interested in waste management an opportunity to communicate with each other in a constructive atmosphere.

To supply balanced information to the membership and general public on waste management issues.

To provide technical and nontechnical forums for the discussion of waste reduction, treatment, reclamation and disposal practices.

To sponsor an annual conference and other forums needed to accomplish these objectives.

The Guelph Waste Management Coalition has commenced its efforts to fulfil its mandate and through the hard work of its members, supporters and the leadership provided by its board, the Guelph Waste Management Coalition has already broadened its scope from a small gathering of individuals into an established and effective organization.